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PUBLICATION DATE: Friday, 13 April 2001
Security forces on high alert after 'barrack buster' bomb find
 IRA in chilling message
By Smyth Harper and PA

THE security forces were in a high state of alert today as the IRA threatened to step up its terror campaign.

The group's statement came as police and Army examined what is believed to be a "barrack buster" type device discovered at Altmore Forest, Galbally - just 10 miles from Omagh where the
IRA murdered 29 people in the 1998 explosion.

In its Easter message the IRA declared it would not stop until a 32-county Irish Republic has been achieved.

The statement said: "For the solution we must look, in radical terms, to attacking the cause of Ireland's problems."

Yesterday security forces foiled a planned attack which they believe was being mounted to mark this weekend's 1916 Easter rising commemorations when republicans will take to the streets.

Bomb disposal experts are examining a van that contained the "barrack buster" in a painstaking operation which may take several days to complete.

Michael Gallagher, whose son Adrian  was killed in the Omagh carnage, said the leadership of the terror group was "trapped in a time capsule" and needed to realize that times had changed.

"The statement is just like something the men of 1916 would have produced."

"But they are all dead and dead men can't change their minds. But we can change our outlook and can move on. Ireland is a different place to 1916, but the IRA won't recognize that.

"They just have no regard for life and have a determination to force their distorted view on the people of Ireland," he said.

In the statement to mark the Easter rising, the IRA pledged to continue its campaign !
Since Omagh the IRA has launched several bomb attacks on security bases on Northern Ireland and mounted a series of attacks on high profile targets in London, including the MI6 building and the BBC's headquarters earlier this year.

The statement warned: "British manipulation, coupled with treachery on the part of others, has led to and has upheld the partition of Ireland.

"As for Republicans, we will continue to attack the problem at its root and make no apology for undertaking this necessary task.

"We will continue our struggle until the 32 County Socialist Republic has been achieved."

Taken from Belfast Telegraph Newspapers Ltd.

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